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(GS §160A-270)

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that Jones County will on May 15, 2024, list for sale by
electronic public auction on the following parcel of real property
owned by it located in Jones County, North Carolina and identified below by its tax parcel
identification number:


The real property is being sold “as is” and subject to any and all exceptions of
record. After the auction is concluded, the high bids for all properties shall be reported to
the Jones County Board of Commissioners who shall accept or reject each bid within thirty
(30) days after each bid is reported to the Board. No sale will be completed for any parcel
until the Board has approved the acceptance of the high bid for such parcel. Bids may not
contain any conditions or reservations. Jones County reserves the right to withdraw any
listed parcel from the auction at any time before the bidding opens. Jones County reserves
the right to reject any and all bids. The auction shall have a reserve of $125,000, which
must be met before the property will be sold.

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