Jones SWCD Board of Supervisors

Chair: Kyle Koonce
Vice Chair: Nick Norris
Secretary/Treasurer: Samantha Bennett
Mike Haddock
Keith Metts

The Jones County SWCD Board meets on the third Thursday of each month at 9 a.m. in the Soil Conservation Office.


State funds are available to assist farmers, landowners, businesses and organizations in the installation of what are called best management practices (BMPs) that aid in the preservation and enhancement of our natural resources. Some installed practices will decrease the amount of sediment, nitrogen, phosphorus, chemicals and other pollutants that enter surface and ground waters of the state while others aid in the conservation of precious topsoil, reduce resource consumption or provide wildlife habitats. Implemented practices can be of great benefit to the participant as well.

Some of the BMPs are: long term or three year no-till, nutrient management, incinerators, pasture and hay land planting, tree planting, waste application systems, water control structures, grade stabilization structures, agricultural road repair/stabilization, grassed waterways, field borders, riparian forest buffers, cisterns, permeable pavement and many others.

If you would like more information or wish to apply for funds, stop by the office located in the USDA Service Center Building in Trenton, or give us a call. A conservation specialist will discuss with you what practices are available to you so that you may make informed decisions about the care of your land. The decisions of today are what will determine the health of our soils, the diversity and quantity of our wildlife and the quality of nearby creeks, streams, rivers and lakes in the Neuse and White Oak River Basins.


Natural Resources Conservation Service

There are many federal programs available in North Carolina as well. 

Jones County
Soil & Water Conservation District

110-A South Market Street
Trenton, NC 28585

Phone: 252-448-2341 Ext.3

Director: Blaire Deaver King
Office Specialist/Education 

Hours of Operation



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