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Jones County Commissioner Districts Frequently Asked Questions

How many commissioner districts are there in Jones County?
There are seven (7) commissioner districts in Jones County. The Jones County Board of Commissioners increased from a five member board to a seven member board effective December 2018.

Will my commissioner district change in 2022?
There have been changes to voting districts since the 2018 election. After every decennial Census, data is reviewed and changes are made to ensure every district has approximately the same number of voters. You may view the districts on the GIS website by turning on the layer for “Draft Commissioner Districts 2022”. Every voter that is affected by this change will be noticed via US Postal Service.

Which commissioner district has been assigned to me?
You can find your assigned district on the GIS website or you can use the voter lookup tool online.

How many commissioners can I vote for in 2022?
One. The candidate(s) listed on your ballot will also live in the same district in which you reside. You may not vote for any candidates running in another district.

Are candidates required to live in the district in which they plan to run?
Yes. Candidates will only qualify to run in the district in which they live. Having property in another district does not qualify a voter to run for commissioner in that district. According to NCGS 163-57(1) your legal voting residence is your place of permanent domicile. That place shall be considered the residence of a person in which that person’s habitation is fixed, and to which, whenever that person is absent that person has the intention of returning. Once a candidate is elected to the board they must maintain continuous residency in that district to remain eligible to serve on the board.

In what district do the current commissioners reside?

District 1 – Charlie Dunn
District 2 – James Harper
District 3 – April Aycock
District 4 – Sondra Ipock Riggs
District 5 – Frank Emory
District 6 – Mike Haddock
District 7 – Charlie Gray

What are the demographics for the Commissioner Districts?

Please find the chart below showing a breakdown of demographic information per district.

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